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Tim JohnsonName: Tim Johnson
Hometown: Ontario, Indiana
Instrument: Percussion
Years in MSO: 2 years
Position: Student Board Vice President

What is your favorite piece in this concert? Why?
My favorite piece for this concert is Hodie. Hodie is my favorite because of the combination of the choir and the orchestra. The song (instrumentally) is extremely difficult and long. When the choir is added to the piece, the personality of the piece becomes redefined. The singers in the choir have very difficult parts, too. When both are added together, the piece becomes whole and simplistic in its own manner.


What is your favorite season? Why?
Summer is by far my favorite season because of my fond memories of marching band in high school. To me, there is nothing more pleasing than a hot summer day with nothing but music on your schedule.


How long have you played your instrument? Was it your first?
This will be my fourteenth year of being a percussionist. As a young child, I would always be banging on everything and anything that was in my sight. Percussion was my first instrument, even though I was told in fifth grade that I should be playing the clarinet. I am thankful for staying away from what people wanted me to do, and focusing on what I liked to do.


What is your favorite type of music to listen to? Is there a specific person or group?
As much as I love classical and twentieth-century music, progressive technical deathmetal is my favorite type of music. From a theoretical/analytical standpoint, technical deathmetal is quite interesting because of the incorporation of poly-rhythms and twelve tone method from Arnold Schoenberg. As a percussionist it requires a great deal of muscle memory, technique, and musicianship. My favorite artists at the moment are Blotted Science, Animals as Leaders, and Born of Osiris.

(Featured in the December 9, 2012, program.)