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Rachel NowakName: Rachel Nowak
Hometown: Crown Point, Indiana
Instrument: Violin

Why did you choose to learn the violin?
I chose the violin for various reasons.  I didn't like low instruments when I was younger and first heard them.  I felt that it just wasn't as pretty as the high instruments. When I was in fourth grade, i saw how many talented musicians played the violin and I wanted to be just like them. I wanted to be that person that sits in front playing the melody of the songs. Granted, we don't ALWAYS have the melody, but at that age I loved the tone of the violin.

Have you ever named your violin? If so, what did you call it?
I have never named my violin, actually. When I refer to my violin I always say "her." If someone gets too close to my violin, I always yell at them and say "Watch out! Don't step on her!" I have never given her a name though.

Who is your hero and why?
My hero is my mother. My mother supports every decision I make. I have always looked to her for guidance for everything that I have chosen in life. She supported my decision and was very proud of the fact that I came to Manchester College and wanted to continue playing the violin even though I wasn't a music major or minor. I don't know where I would be without her guidance and support. She is a smart and amazing person.

Why did you choose a green shoulder rest?
I chose a green shoulder rest because I honestly just like to be different. I always see people with the original black shoulder rests, but I wanted to stand out. Lime green happens to be one of my favorite colors, so I chose to get this one for my violin! :)

(Featured in the October 30, 2011, program.)