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Paula MerrimanName: Paula Merriman
Hometown: Wabash, Indiana
Instrument: Violin
Years in MSO: 5 years

What is your favorite movement from Lord of the Rings? Why?
I really can't pick a favorite. Each one reminds me of something I enjoyed in the movies. It's fun to be a part of this memory I have with my own children.


What is your favorite movie score? Why?
I loved The Red Violin and the music for obvious reasons!


What song have you played most often?
Sleigh Ride! I think every group does this and I was thankful when we took a break. I still like it though!


What advice would you give a new student of your instrument?
Be patient with yourself! It takes a lot of little accomplishments and suddenly you will be amazed at what you hear.

(Featured in the November 4, 2012, program.)