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Nyssa TierneyName: Nyssa Tierney
Hometown: Monticello, Indiana
Instrument: Oboe
Years in MSO: 7 years

What Christmas song do you enjoy playing the most?
I really enjoy playing Sleigh Ride. I like the speed and the familiarity of the tune. I think I have played it almost every year since my freshman year of high school. It makes me want to sing along!


What is your favorite Christmas carol? Why?
My favorite Christmas carol is Silent Night. I have fond memories of singing it at church during our Christmas program.


If you could give any advice to a new player of your instrument, what would it be?
Do not give up! The first few weeks are full of broken reeds and squeaky tones, but it will get better! Oboe can be difficult, but it is worth your while to continue to play. It's a wonderful instrument with a great sound.


Where is the most interesting place you have ever performed?
Thanks to my time at Manchester University (College), I have been able to travel to Disney twice and Puerto Rico, to perform. While in Puerto Rico, we were able to play and hang out with some kids at a local school. Many of them had never seen many of our instruments before. Also, there is nothing like playing at the happiest place on Earth!

(Featured in the December 9, 2012, program.)