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Kristen HoffmanName: Kristen Hoffman
Hometown: Goessel, Kansas
Instrument: French Horn
Years in the MSO: 2 years

What is your favorite song in this concert?
This concert, my favorite piece to play and listen to is Overture to Miracle on 34th Street, by Johnnie Vinson.

How do you prepare for a concert?
Preparation for me includes rehearsal weekly with the orchestra, as well as practicing on my horn in the Winger building.

If we went into your car...what radio station or CD would be playing?
I like to listen to new, popular music, so my first choice would be 95.1FM. But when I need some change, I listen to classic rock.

If you were given the opportunity to change instruments, what would you change to and why?
I would change to the cello. I love the range and timbre of the instrument; plus, I think it would just be a fun instrument to play.

(Featured in the December 4, 2011, program.)