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Carrie ShankName: Carrie Shank
Hometown: Elkhart, Indiana
Instrument: Viola
Years in MSO: 1 year

What is your favorite piece from this concert? Why?
The Mask of Zorro is my favorite. I have seen the movies, and finally being able to play the score brings the movie to life.


If you could learn another instrument, what would it be and why?
I would learn the cello. The cello is the most equalized instrument in the sense that it can hit those high notes, but it can also produce rich low notes.


If we were to go into your car, what CD/radio station would be playing?
I would probably be listening to Christian rock.


What is your favorite book? Why?
My favorite book is probably any book from the Blue Blood series (not the TV show). They give adventure, romance, and suspense.

(Featured in the November 4, 2012, program.)