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Caleb DehningName: Caleb Dehning
Hometown: Culver, Indiana
Instrument: Tuba
Years in MSO: One Year

Why did you choose to play your instrument?
Back in middle school, I switched from cornet to tuba because my band was in desperate need of some low brass players.


Where is the most interesting place you have ever performed?
I haven't had the chance to play anywhere interesting yet. However, someday I would like to perform (or at least hear a concert) at the Music Arts Center at Jacob's School of Music at IU. It's currently one of the largest performing arts centers in the US.


If you went back in time, would you stay with your instrument or would you change to a different instrument?
I wouldn't even consider changing. I really enjoy playing the instrument I do.


What do you do before a concert to prepare?
I still get a little nervous before concerts, but I just stick to my normal warmup routine and I'm good to go!

(Featured in the March 10, 2013, program.)