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Historical Roster

Suzanne Gindin
2004 - 2008

Suzanne GindinSuzanne Gindin joined the faculty of the Manchester College Music Department in 2004 as conductor of the Manchester Symphony Orchestra and the Symphonic Band. In addition, she headed the music education program, teaching conducting, methods courses, and horn.

After earning undergraduate degrees in music education and English literature from Northwestern University, she taught school music for five years, then pursued a Master's degree in conducting at the University of Oregon in the studio of Robert Ponto. She returned to Northwestern to complete her doctorate under the guidance of Victor Yampolsky.

Dr. Gindin participated in the Oregon Bach Festival for two summers where she worked with Helmut Rilling. She was a member of the American Conductor's Guild, Music Educator's National Conference, and the College Music Society. She enjoyed traveling and reading fiction by modern American women writers.

After leaving her position at Manchester College, Ms. Gindin moved to Los Angeles where she currently teaches strings, winds, piano, and guitar to students at Theodore Roosevelt High School in Los Angeles.