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Third Concert of the 32nd Season


Sunday, May 16th, 1971
Manchester College Auditorium
James Carlson, Conductor

  Overture to Semiramide Gioacchino Rossini  
  Lord Nelson Mass Joseph Haydn  

I. Kyrie
II. Gloria - Qui Tollis - Quoniam
III. Credo - Et Incarnatus - Et Ressurexit
IV. Sanctus
V. Benedictus - Osanna
VI. Agnus Dei - Donna Nobis

  Manchester College Choral Society
Elaine Snyder, soprano
Judy Shultz, alto
James Wion, tenor
Wilbur Harpest, bass

Program Notes

  Overture to Semiramide Gioacchino Rossini

This overture has two main sections. The first is ABCBCA in structure while the second section is in abridged sonata or sonatina form.

True to his musical character, Rossini employs soloistic woodwinds, irresistible crescendos and undeniable rhythmic drive in making this overture immediately appealing.

  Lord Nelson Mass Joseph Haydn

The Lord Nelson Mass was composed in 1798. The original scoring was for chorus, soloists, organ, strings, timpani and three clarini (high trumpets). When it was published, the edition conventionalized the instrumentation with the addition of woodwinds.

Other names commonly applied to this mass are the Coronation Mass, Imperial Mass and Mass in Time of Peril. News of Lord Nelson's victory at the Battle of the Nile reached Haydn while he was composing this mass. That is probably why the name Lord Nelson Mass is the one most frequently applied to it.

Roger Fiske makes the following statement about the mass: This is Haydn's supreme masterpiece in the choral field, terse, vigorous, and gloriously original Vaughan Williams said shortly before he died that hearing this mass was one of the most moving experiences of his old age. There is not a weak movement and there is plenty for a good chorus to get its teeth into.


Manchester Symphony Orchestra Personnel

  Violin I
Vernon Stinebaugh, Concertmaster
Gail Steward +
Peggy Rieman +
Linda Morris +
Mary Berkebile
Ruth Berkebile

Violin II
Linda Stanley *+
Carol Barr +
Rachel Kurtz +
Janis Eiler +
Becki Wilcox
Steve Wilson
Ruth McKalips +
Sarah McKalips

Jane Wagoner *+
Sherwood Waggy +
Gordon Collins

Lynn Feece *+
Lenore Marlowe
Vivien Singleton

Randy Gratz *+
Calvin Bisha

Freda Clark *+
Bev Moore
Stephanie Bunish *+
Rebecca Maurer +

Mark Avant *+
Cynthia Wright +
Jan Sherrow +

Thomas Owen *

John Gilmore *+
Paul Ray
Judy Tidwell +
Jerry Eller +

Steve Likens *+
Mark Beck +
Cliff Bowman

Larry Dockter *+
Rob Lowe +
Dan Garver +

Dave Priser +

Gary Deavel

* Denotes principal
+ Denotes MC student

Manchester College Choral Society

  JoElyn McGowan, Director  
Barbara Basehore
Barbara Bechtel
Barbara Bricker
Pamela Claeys
Kathleen Coppess
Cindy Duckwall
Linda Eicher
Susan Emery
Anita Exley
Delora Fausnight
Lynn Garver
Jean Gemmer
Julia Gingrich
Marcia Gould
Deloris Hamblin
Sandy Hartman
Linda Heeter
Merry Hensel
Donna Jean Hollinger
Eileen Kasten
Mary Larimer
Bonnie Leckrone
Nancy Martin
Frances McGuire
Teresa Metzger
Sandra Miller
Beverly Moore
Deb Muhlnickel
Dianne Petry
Janie Pitcher
Kathy Plum
Karla Rentschler
Jan Sherrow
Sharon Snyder
Deborah Waas
Mary Lou Wise
Cindy Wright

Ralph Anderson
Mark Avant
Al Barrett
Dennis Bechtelheimer
Sue Burwell
Fred Busse
Denny Clouse
Clayton Dugan
John Hoover
Mike Johnson
Stan Johnson
Joe Nolan
John R. Reed
Roger Wood
Kay Buchanan
Eileen Burch
Sandy Burge
Barbara Cameron
Dawn Carpenter
Brenda Cassell
Judy Culley
Connie Davis
Corinne Donat
Diana Eberly
Susan Ernsberger
Barara Faulkner
Kathy Goering
Bobbie Hamman
Susan Hornaday
Mary Johnson
Barbara Krom
Rayna Lubbs
Becky Mann
Kathy Moore
Paulette Morris
Joyce Petry
Chris Pope
Sue Porter
Marcia Quick
Paula Riedel
Paula Sampson
Karen Siess
Pat Smith
Beverly Stone
Susan Swartz
Kathleen Thornton
Trudy Torrence
Elizabeth Troust
Ivy Washington
Jen Weygandt
Rhonda Whitten
Jane Willmert
Charletta Wion
Karen Zimmerman

Richard Burden
Dwight Cassity
D. Larry Dockter
Mark Fuller
Ed Garrison
Greg Gray
Robert Jarboe
Douglas Mayer
James Moore
Mark Noll
John Paul
Dennis Rowland
Dale Sollenberger
Ray D. Speck
Byron Tinkey
Steve Wallace
John Wagoner
John Whisler
Kent Zimmerman