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Third Concert of the 16th Season


Sunday, May 15th, 1955
Manchester College Auditorium
Vernon H. Stinebaugh, Conductor



In the fall of 1954 the Music department formulated plans for a music festival to be presented this spring. The purpose is to combine the talents of the A Cappella Choir, Choral Union, College Concert Band, North Manchester Civic and Manchester College Symphony Orchestra and other music students in a grand finale for the year.

The soloists were selected by the music faculty through auditions in February. It is hoped that this festival will achieve a caliber of performance that is of high significant value for both participants and audience.

  March Militaire Francaise from Suite Algerienne Camille Saint-Saëns  
  Symphony No. 8 in B Minor (The "Unfinished") Franz Schubert  

I. Allegro moderato
II. Andante con moto

  Polonaise in E Minor, Op. 46, No. 12 Edward MacDowell  
  Marlene Brenneman, pianist  
  Introduction and Samba Maurice Whitney  
  Gloria Samuelson, saxophonist
Anita Garman, at the piano
  Violin Concerto in E Minor, Op. 64 Felix Mendelssohn  

I. Allegro molto appassionato

  Sue Weaver, violinist  
  Revival Morton Gould  
  One Morning in May Hoagy Carmichael  

Program Notes

  March Militaire Francaise from Suite Algerienne Camille Saint-Saëns

A fast moving military march which is representative of the French style by one of that country's greatest composers.

  Symphony No. 8 in B Minor (The "Unfinished") Franz Schubert

"The most poetical composer who ever lived" according to Liszt, was Franz Schubert. He was born in Vienna and in the short span of thirty-one years, produced more than six hundred songs, eight symphonies, operas, masses, chamber music, and beautiful piano works. His short life was beset with poverty, ill health, and lack of recognition from the publishers. The manuscript of this Symphony was kept locked in a desk for many years and was never performed during the lifetime of the composer, it is considered "unfinished" because it has just two instead of four movements, yet it is nevertheless complete in what it has to say.

  Revival Morton Gould
(b. 1913)

Spirituals are a part of the musical folk lore of America and today they are being more widely performed and enjoyed than ever before. Morton Gould has been one of the contemporaries who has helped make our enjoyment of spirituals greater by setting so many of them for orchestra and ensemble playing.

In this work, Revival, Gould has created an interesting fantasy based on six well-known spirituals. They include "Little David Play on your Harp," "All God's Chillun Got Wings," "Steal Away," "Were You There?" "Ezekiel Saw de Wheel," and "Joshua Fit de Battle of Jericho."

  One Morning in May Hoagy Carmichael
(b. 1899)

A native Hoosier and graduate of Indiana University, Carmichael learned piano from his mother. Now residing in California, he makes many appearances in the movies, radio, and television. He is best known as the composer of "Star Dust."


Manchester Symphony Orchestra Personnel

  Violin I
Sue Weaver, Concertmistress +
Donita Overholser +
Rosemary Manifold
Jean Hamman +
Anita Bollinger
Dorothy Baer
Ronald Walton
Robert Whiteneck
Louis Durflinger
Pete Carr

Violin II
Donald Godlevski *+
Dorothy Rautenkranz
Gayle Hineline +
Clara Buchanan +
Margery Morrison +
Geraldine Harris
Darlene Gall
Margaret Gable
John Watson +
Harold Daveler +
Jean Trestrail
Beverly Shull
Howard Unger

Lloyd M. Hoff *
Margie Culkosky +
Betty Royer +
Verna Trestrail
Elaine Shilts +

Marilyn Buchanan *
Alice Unger
Shirley Ash
James Mentzer
John Van Boven
Ethel Anderson +

Waneta Showalter *
Clyde Holsinger
Larry McCormic +

Irvin Hoff

Marjorie Thompson *+
Irvin Hoff
Nancy Hoff +
Janice Briner +
Dorene Eltzroth +
Shirley Detrick *+
Elaine Wear +

Worth George *+
Julia Findley +
Rosemary Bolinger

Gloria Samuelson *+

Maxine Stands +
Wilma Million +

Donald Huffman *+
Joan Whitacre+
Dan Harshman
Albert Trestrail

Paul Miller *+
Jan Melvin +
Carolyn Schuler +

Gerald Miller *
Jon Cullum +
Joel Haney (Bass)

David Eberly

John P. Browne, Jr.

Sally Johnson
Barry Deardorff +
Willard Dulabaum +
Louella Rasor

Piano (Harp)
Anita Garman +

* Denotes principal
+ Denotes MC student
Marlene BrennemanOur piano soloist is a sophomore music major from Ashley, Ind. Not only is she a proficient soloist but she is currently serving as accompanist for Prof. Paul Halladay in programs both on and off campus.
Gloria SamuelsonGloria is a sophomore music major from LaPorte. She is making a valuable contribution to the musical life of Manchester and is able filling the bassoon position in our Symphony.
Sue WeaverThe musical career thus far for our violin soloist and concertmistress has been quite extensive for a college junior. During her sophomore year here she was soloist with the String Symphony, then played in the Oakland, California Symphony one year before her return to Manchester. Sue is 1st violinist of the college String Quartet and an assistant to Prof. Vernon Stinebaugh in the music theory department.