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Second Concert of the 13th Season

Concert for Children and Young People

Sunday, February 24th, 1952
Central High School Auditorium
Samuel L. Flueckiger, Conductor
Vernon H. Stinebaugh, Associate Conductor

  Entrance and March of Peers from Iolanthe Arthur Sullivan  
  Overture to the Operetta Die Fledermaus, Op. 362 Johann Strauss II  
  Cripple Creek Lamar Stringfield  
  Susan at the Zoo Maurice Baron  

1. Perambulating Penguins
2. Pretentious Peacocks
3. Elfin Elephants
4. Boisterous Baboons

  The Carnival of Venice arr. A.R. Ranger  
  Jan Melvin, cornet
Cynthia Findley, accompanist
  Rhapsodie in G Minor, Op. 79, No. 2 Johannes Brahms  
  Cynthia Findley, piano  
  One Morning in May Hoagy Carmichael  
  The Waltzing Cat Leroy Anderson  
  America the Beautiful Samuel A. Ward  
  January February March Don Gillis  

Program Notes by Jane Enyeart

  Entrance and March of Peers from Iolanthe Sir Arthur Sullivan

An Englishman, Arthur Sullivan is generally remembered with W.S. Gilbert as the famous team noted for their light operas. Sullivan was trained at the Royal Academy of Music and the Leipzig Conservatory.

A blare of brass and a rattle of drums announce the approach of the Peers. Pompous in rhythm and finely sustained in melody, this operatic processional is surpassed by very few in its grandeur and majesty.

  Overture to Die Fledermaus, Op. 362 Johann Strauss II

Written by the famous waltz king, "The Bat" is a three act operetta first presented in Vienna in 1874. The overture contains numerous melodic motives; the opening section is in two versions followed by a polka and a waltz. The closing section is a lively theme and the development of subject matter previously heard.

  Cripple Creek from From the Southern Mountains Lamar Stringfield
(b. 1897)

The suite From the Southern Mountains, of which Cripple Creek is a portion, won the Pulitzer Prize in 1928. Born in Raleigh, North Carolina, and educated in America, Lamar Stringfield is an outstanding flutist, composer and conductor.

  Susan at the Zoo Maurice Baron
(b. 1889)

Maurice Baron was born and educated in France and is at the present time a staff composer at Radio City Music Hall in New York. He has more than three hundred published compositions including opera, ballet, and symphonic works. The suite Susan at the Zoo was written in 1941.

  One Morning in May Hoagy Carmichael
(b. 1899)

A native Hoosier and graduate of Indiana University, Carmichael learned piano from his mother. Now residing in California, he makes many appearances in the movies, radio and television. He is best known as the composer of Star Dust.

  The Waltzing Cat Leroy Anderson
(b. 1908)

After graduating in music from Harvard University, Leroy Anderson taught music at Radcliffe College,was director and arranger for the Harvard Band, served as church organist and choirmaster, as well as appearing as guest conductor of the Boston Pops Orchestra. He is now devoting his time to composing, arranging, and conducting. In the Waltzing Cat a feline gentleman is dancing to a graceful melody constructed on the meowing of a cat. The is a quick exit when the bark of a dog is heard!

  America the Beautiful Samuel A. Ward

O beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain,
For purple mountain majesties above the fruited plain.
America! America! God shed His grace on thee,
And crown thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea.

  January February March Don Gillis
(b. 1912)

Don Gillis is one of the successful contemporary composers who has several major orchestral works to his credit. At present he is program director for the National Broadcasting Company. January February March is in a bold style which indicates that he had the weather conditions of this area in mind during an "old-fashioned" winter.


Manchester Symphony Orchestra Personnel

Vernon Stinebaugh, Concertmaster
Virginia Coats
Dorothy Smith +
Dorothy Baer
Margaret Brooks +
Carl Shultz
Louis Durflinger
Ronald Walton +
Sue Weaver
Phyllis Gibbel +
Anita Bollinger
Kathryn Bird
Martha Bird
Eileen Bolinger +

Lloyd Hoff *
Margorie Culkosky +
Verna Trestrail
Cora Shultz
Carole Shultz

Priscilla Kester *+
Betty Shultz
Albert Trestrail
Myra Mow +
David Lumm

Phylis Heeter *+
Clyde Ploughe +
Corlyle Drake

Lois Shirky +

Lowell Coats *+
Nina Flueckiger
Clyde McDaniel +
Lois Shirky +

Donald Tait *+
William Stewart
English Horn
William Stewart

Betty Fulton *+
Jane Enyeart +
Worth George +
Myrtis Becker +

Bass Clarinet
Myrtis Becker +

Charlotte Shellhaas *+
Paul Boesing

James Brumbaugh *+
Bernard Butt +
Robert Smith

Richard Coffman *+
Richard Whitacre +
Donna Dawald +

Gerald Miller *
James Turner
Thomas Airgood

L. Delmar Crabill +

Doris Weimer +

Richard Paul +
Charles Shawler +

R. Gary Deavel +

* Denotes principal
+ Denotes MC student
For the second year the soloists for the Concert for Children and Young People are the winners of the Kiwanis Talent Contest held in November. The Kiwanis Contest has stimulated much interest in musical performance in the nearby schools and it is fitting that the winners should be presented today.
Jan Malvin and Cynthia FindleyJan Melvin and Cynthia Findley

As a cornet and piano duo these two young people have worked together for several years. Both are sophomores at the North Manchester High School where they are very active in musical affairs. Both have won many first division ratings in solo and ensemble contests. Cynthia Findlay, a student of Max Allen, plays piano in the orchestra, accompanies the Melodie Maids Glee Club and the Boys' Glee Club, and also plays timpani in the band. Last summer she studied piano and timpani at the National Music Camp. Jan Melvin is first cornetist of the band and orchestra. Last summer he was at the Egyptian Music Camp at Du Quoin, Illinois, on a scholarship from the Indiana Federation of Music Clubs. He studies with Gerald H. Miller.
The Final Concert of the Thirteenth Season will be Sunday, May 4th. The program will consist largely of the numbers requested by the audience today and probably a guest soloist, Vernon H. Stinebaugh will conduct.